Does Silicone Make The Best Oven Mitts?

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Basic Baking Tools Needed

So you are ready to take up baking. You are all excited to skim through that recipe book and find yourself the ideal recipe to guide you into making scrumptious cookies that you can impress your family and friends with. But hold on. Are you armed with the appropriate baking tools for your cookie mission? Let us look into the list and check your gear.

Measuring cups

One cannot possibly assume that a regular cup or mug can be used in measuring the amount of flour or sugar that you will use for your batter. In baking, one needs to be precise. This means using accurate well defined measurements in sorting your ingredients. These cups aid in measuring liquid components like water, milk, juice in milliliters, ounces, pints or fractions of a liter. Measuring cups also offer level measures for dry ingredients such as sugar and flour.


It essential that your ingredients especially flour is devoid of any foreign matter. You simply cannot rake through your flour to do this. That would be like finding a needle

in a haystack. You go get a sifter. The sifting process not only would break up the clumps but it aerates your flour thus giving it more volume. For best results, sift only small quantities at a time. This does not only prevent spills but it makes sifting easier and faster.


A spatula appears to be a combination of a spoon and a knife. It takes on the shape of a spoon but it has a blade which is blunt and far from being sharp. This kitchen utensil is indispensable in baking as it is used for mixing batter, dough and applying frosting. Spatulas are popularly made of silicone, rubber or bamboo.

Rolling pins

In shaping and flattening your dough, using a rolling pin is more practical so you might as well forget about the ides of kneading or molding it with your bare hands. Rolling pins are usually made up of wood, glass, marble, stainless steel or plastic. It is thick, cylindrical and has two handles on each end. There are basically two types of rolling pins: the rod and the roller.

Cookie cutters

You’re done with your dough and are now ready to shape your cookies. Go artistic and use cookie cutters! Cookie cutters which are typically made up of tin, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or copper are designed to cut cookie dough in specific distinctive shapes. Designs include stars, hearts, moon shapes, circles and squares to name a few. Kids will surely be enticed to grab one of these cookie characters.

Cookie press

Cookie press is a known baking tool used to press designs on cookies. It is usually composed of a cylinder which has a plunger on the other end. Designer plates are attached to the press to mark the cookies.

Best Oven mitt

Baking means having to work with a hot oven so it is best that your hands are protected from heated surfaces like the stove or baking pans. To avoid getting burns, oven mitts should always be worn in the kitchen. These mitts are often made out of fabric and are usually insulated. Although these oven mitts can offer you protection in the kitchen, they are not invincible from hot liquids which may still seep through the fabric.

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The Best Gloves For Grilling I’ve Ever Seen

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Have you ever had a barbecue spoil because the chef or cook has had an injury from burning themselves on the grill? It certainly puts a damper on the whole event if someone has to receive medical treatment for a burn or scold that they have sustained from cooking food for guests or the family. Well you will be pleased to know that there is now a great way to avoid this. You can use our fabulous silicone grill gloves.

Our gloves can ensure that your event will be smooth sailing all the way as they are both effective and practical. These gloves are flexible enough to still make it easy to hold utensils and easily turn over and serve out food. However, they are thick and resistant to heat so they will prevent you from burning yourself on the grill or on the food itself. They also have the added advantage of being easily washable, so you can use them to hold food without worrying about them getting dirty and you will know that they are hygienic. The gloves you get at Chill Enterprises are some of the best I have found and can be used to carry hot plates, or move the metal grills higher or lower on the barbecue as well as just being a preventative measure in case you happen to accidentally get too near to the hot grill, coals or food.

Use The Silicone Glove To Turn Hot Meat

The great thing about silicone gloves for cooking is that they come in a wide variety of colors. They do not look feminine like many fabric heat resistant gloves do. They make great presents for the man of the house as a way of encouraging him to carry on using the barbecue, or as a way of hinting that it was time for you to have one again! You can buy a colour to match your barbecue apron, or your utensils, or simply something that you like.

These gloves will last a very long time, and won’t get scorched or misshapen through heat, so you won’t be replacing them every summer. They are a great investment, as the gloves can be used all around the kitchen as well as outside on the barbecue. You will be surprised at the value for money you will get from these, especially as they are an item that any member of the household will be willing to use. No more trying to find a cloth to pull things out of the oven, or getting your fabric pot holders dirty or scorched when touching hot pans and food containers, as these gloves will enable you to do all of those tasks in the kitchen easily and without fuss.

So when you are buying your essentials for your next barbecue, do not forget your silicone grill gloves. They can be easily purchased and you will get use out of them for years. A really great investment for your family, as you will be sure that everyone will be kept safe and your barbecues will go without a hitch. No more injuries for your chef, just great, well cooked food!